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Technical Audio Work

Unannounced New IP

Beans Team // Devolver Digital

In spring of 2021 I joined Beans to work on their first person action game as a sound designer before quickly moving into the technical audio role. The game was heavily reliant on fast, violent gameplay, with a lot of incredible original music to support the intense pace of the game. Sadly this project was canceled. However here I'll say what I can about the awesome systems I got to create and work on! The project was being created in Unreal 4 with FMOD. Assets and systems have been remade and repurposed wherever possible to avoid legal issues and does not represent the extent in which this content was used.

These systems are not exhaustive of what I worked on during this project. Some of which are unfortunately unable to be showcased here. I can happily elaborate on these systems as well as expand on those listed here in an interview!

My responsibilities on this project:

• Provided technical direction and acted as an intermediary between audio and other departments
• Designed, mixed, and implemented audio assets such as sound effects, ambiences, and music into the game using Reaper, FL Studio, and FMOD
• Prototyped and iterated upon many different audio features, systems, and solutions
• Profiled and optimized audio for multiple platforms
• Created and maintained technical documentation for the audio department
• Provided audio debugging systems as well as tools for designers to utilize
• Used C++, Blueprints, and JavaScript (FMOD Scripting) to provide additional functionality to Unreal and the FMOD Unreal Plugin

• Used software such as Notion, Google Sheets, and JIRA for asset tracking and task management

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