Pernicious Demo

A personal projected that ran for 4 months in 2019. Programmed entirely by me in Unity, all FX, projectiles, and particles were animated by me as well. All character animations and backgrounds were purchased for the purposes of this demo.

This project was intended as a way to learn FMOD integration with Unity. The music track was made by me, all sound effects were sourced/made by me as well and mixed in FL Studio 20.

FMOD integration went smoothly, learned all the basics and FMOD API in conjunction with Unity.

Telefrag / Stomping Grounds

A game presentation of the mechanics in my prototype called "Telefrag" with a modified version called "Stomping Grounds". Game demonstration was for a school project.

Programming, level design, video editing, game design, and the audio were done by me. Game was created for our class study on mechanics and systems in games. Core loop had to be created and a variant modifying only the secondary rules to the game had to be developed in 4 weeks.

Gunslinger - Game Jam

Gunslinger was a game created in 2018 by a small team of 6 for a game jam.

Video was edited by me, soundtrack and logo creation were also created by me.

Game was created for a 5 day game jam where the premise was "physical hardware". Using a Makey-Makey kit, teams had to produce a game where the controller was a physical device beyond a conventional controller.

Developed in Unity, responsibilities included 3D asset creation, video editing, music and audio production, and game design.